St. Peters Union Church - Search Committee
St. Peter's  - ELCA & UCC Shared Ministry
St. Peter’s Church is entering a time of transition.  The board is confident that God will lead us through this process and the many important decisions that lie ahead.  We are asking for prayers and support from the congregation during this process.

                   Lutheran                                      UCC
              Mike Hunsicker (Chairperson)        Cathie Miller
                 Terry Miller                                 Burdell Snyder
                 Jill Hoppes                                 Charlene Miller
              Jan Altenberg                               Nancy Knadler

L-R:  Charlene Miller, Mike Hunsicker, Nancy Knadler, Burdell Snyder, Terry Miller, Cathie Miller, Janet Altenberg. Missing from photo:  Jill Hoppes.

Search & Call process:
  • Develop "Local Church Profile"
                    +Obtained through Survey & Questioner of congregation
                    +Shared with candidates
  • Once Submitted, the Ministerial vacancy                           
                    +Listed on ELCA & UCC sites
  • Ministerial profiles presented to Search Committee
  • Candidate Names are held in confidence throughout process
  • Candidates endorsed by both the ELCA & UCC
  • Personal interviews done by search committee
  • Search committee members worship with candidates
  • Promising candidates invited for second interview
  • If both parties (Search Committee & Candidate) accept initially of each other
               +"Candidating Sunday" - candidate preaches and
                                           conducts service @ Saint Peter's
               +Congregational meeting & vote follows

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