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   How do you remember which way to turn the clocks during Daylight Savings Time? Maybe you refer to the phrase: Spring Ahead, Fall Back. The phrase not only helps us to remember which way to turn the clocks, it can also help with some direction for the changing seasons of the year and maybe even for the changing seasons of life as well.
   When Spring fever hits, most of us are more than ready to “spring ahead” and get outside. We are ready to put away the winter coats and wash the car; we are enthusiastic about outdoor sporting events, picnics and even yard work! The flowers are blooming, the grass and the trees are turning green. We celebrate Easter which is a time of resurrection and new life that reminds us that life is chock full of new beginnings.
   But what about this time of year? The time of year that tells us to “fall back” and get ready for shorter days and longer, colder nights.  As much as we grumble about the cold days of winter and the snow-covered roads that often throw a wrench in our plans, there is something about winter that inspires a kind of hibernation period. Have you ever thought about the benefits of hibernation? Animals hibernate every year during the winter months to survive when food is scarce. It is a way for them to adapt to the changes going on in their environment. Hibernation allows them to conserve their energy and to slow down their metabolism which reduces their body temperature; hibernation is crucial for their survival.
   We can learn so much from the natural world. We can learn to appreciate the seasons and the changes necessary for our own survival—not just physical but emotional and spiritual survival as well. We need to “fall back” periodically so that we are able to “spring ahead” when we need to.
   It’s the rhythm of life for nature and it’s the rhythm of life for us as well but we tend to resist it because many of us have a really hard time slowing down. God wants us to enjoy life and to rest when we are tired and weary. Sometimes we just need a little hibernation time to conserve our energy so that we can adapt to the changes that continue to take place all around us. When the days get shorter and the cold sets in…take some time to “fall back” and try hibernating a bit. It might just help you to “spring ahead” when the time comes!
God’s Blessings,
Pastor Ginny

PLEASE NOTE:  Pastor Ginny will be on vacation from November 14th through November 23rd.  If you have an emergency or are in need of pastoral care, please contact Kim Kistler at 570-778-2988.

A Heartfelt Thank You
My heart continues to overflow with gratitude for this church. I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing memory of my installation day that is now etched upon my heart and will remain there. Everything was just perfect! I told the residents of Luther Crest as I was speaking with them at the         wonderful luncheon: “Now you know that I didn’t leave you for any old church…this one is very special!” They wholeheartedly agreed! They were overwhelmed and continued to rave about the loveliness of both the church building and the people of St. Peter’s.
Thank you for the beautiful service and to all who took part; thank you for music, for the flowers, for the way that you greeted all of the guests with such warmth and loving hospitality. Thank you for planning and preparing for the day and for the diligent work that went into the luncheon. It was so organized and so professionally done. I know that everything was done with love and that means so very much to me.
There was an underlying feeling about the entire day that continued to tell me that this is the place where I belong. Thank you for creating that feeling. Thank you for wishing me well, for the prayers, the cards and gifts. Thank you for the gift of books! I will most certainly enjoy using that gift card! Thank you for the gorgeous stole—I love the sunflowers. It seemed that sunflowers and butterflies were the theme for the day as they kept emerging in many cards and gifts. This tells me we have a bright and beautiful future together!
I can’t say “thank you” enough so what I will do is show you. I will show my gratitude as I dedicate myself to serving you. I will do my best to be the best pastor I can be. I am humbled and grateful to serve you and to be your pastor and I think we will continue to gift each other. As much as I give to you…I know that I will receive back tenfold. We made a covenant together on Aug 11 and it is my hope and prayer that we will continually devote ourselves to fulfilling that covenant of mutual love and service and ministry. Together we will glorify God and carry out the work God has before us!
Graciously and with Love,

Pastor Ginny

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