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2020 St. Peter's Dinner Theatre Presentation

April 24th, 25th and 26th


Summer In Cricket County

    Psst! Have y’all heard about Fester? At a church picnic, two gossips start scandalous rumors that spread like wildfire. Did Fester really steal an axe from the hardware store? The picnic devolves into hearsay and hullabaloo that culminates in a visit from the town sheriff! That’s not all. Somehow Brenda Mae and Glenda Mae reckon their prissy city cousins Mimi and Petunia are fixin’ to steal their hillbilly boyfriends! Something’s got to stop! Grandma Taylor refuses to play the game and takes matters into her own hands. When she turns the tables on the two gossips and they’re the talked-about ones, there’s a whole lotta whinin’ at the Cricket County grapevine!

    Through hilarious misunderstandings, the truth that rumors can get out of hand and ruin reputations is heard louder’n a yappin’ dawg!

     Shows will be presented on Friday, April 24th (roast beef) , Saturday, April 25th (turkey) at 6:00 and Sunday, April 26th (ham) at 1:00. Cost $16.00 for adults, $12.00 for children 12 and under. Includes dinner and a show.

Tickets will be available starting March 15th following the church service, calling the church office at 386-4388, or by contacting Lori Hoppes at 386-2440. Deadline for tickets is April 12th. Hope to see you there!

 Proceeds to benefit the 175th Anniversary Celebration.

SCENES from the 2018 Performance............

The Mystery of Montley's Manor by Kimberlee Mendoza


SCENES from Past Performances................