St. Peters Union Church - Called to Care
St. Peter's  - ELCA & UCC Shared Ministry
Called to Care Ministry
Called to care
Meets: as needed

Janet Altenburg
Slate Altenburg
Robert Coombe
Merle Hunsicker
Nancy Knadler
Christine Miller                              
Bonnie Myers                                       


The "Called to Care" volunteers are Christ's Ambassadors, willing to serve, while being responsive to those in need, providing communion, fellowship, prayer and other services.  They are eager to serve those entrusted to them, putting their faith into action through hospital and home visitation, thus examples of his flock and glorifying His holy name.

These volunteers have received special training to help Pastor Ken by offering vigilant care wherever they are needed.  Anyone in need of their special services can contact the church office or Pastor Ken at 570-386-4388 or
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