Saint Peters Union Church

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St. Peter's

Church-West Penn

184 St. Peter's Road Tamaqua PA 18252



Births & Baptisms

Liam Russel Nelson

Born January 6, 2020

Baptized February 2, 2020

Liam is the Son of

Thomas and Hannah (Miller) Nelson

Godson of Heather Mae Dunbar

and Henry R. Miller

Wyatt Andrew Snyder

Born May 3, 2019

Baptized October 20, 2019

Wyatt is the Son of

Andrew and Emily (Zalewski) Snyder

Godson of

Jamie Marshall and Zarley Zalewski

Jaxson Marc Belanchick

Born December 10, 2018

Baptized February 10, 2019

Jaxson is the Son of

Kyle Marc and Shelly Elizabeth (Rex) Belanchik

Mason Charles Hunsicker

Born June 14, 2018

Baptized August 12, 2018

Mason is the Son of

Joshua Michael and Nicole Krista (Mateyak) Hunsicker

Godson of

Alyssa Lynn Wachsman

and Travis Kent Miller

Kenton Tyler Foster

Born July 20, 2016

Baptized September 4, 2016

Kenton is the Son of

Tyler Foster and Rachael Wehr

Godson of

Jay and Caitlyn Pilla

Maddox Lee Green

Born October 30, 2015

Baptized April 10, 2016

Maddox is the Son of

Derek Lee Green and Melissa (Miller) Green

Godson of

Jennifer Middaugh and Cory Miller

Clayton David Smith

Born May 3, 2014

Baptized June 29, 2014

Clayton is the Son of

Jeremy and Vanessa (Klotz) Smith

Godson of

Brad Reynolds and Jessica Smith 

Emma Ann Lenhart
Born September 16, 2019
Baptized January 12, 2020
Emma Ann is the Daughter of
Shawn and Jamie (Nace) Lenhart

Addison Genevieve Green

Born August 7, 2018

Baptized April 28, 2019

Addison is the Daughter of

Derrick and Melissa (Miller) Green

Goddaughter of

Jennifer Middaugh and Cory Miller

Madison Susan Coombe

Born April 6, 2018

Baptized July 29, 2018

Madison is the Daughter of

Shane Heath and Yvonne Elizabeth (Gwyther) Coombe

Goddaughter of

Christopher Coombe and

Pamela Hoppes

Adalynn Jane Kistler

Born April 21, 2018

Baptized July 29, 2018

Adalynn is the Daughter of

Michael Charles and Samantha Marie (Parsons) Kistler

Goddaughter of

Brent A. and Angela M. Harris

Avery Marie Snyder

Born November 3, 2016

Baptized July 9, 2017

Avery is the Daughter of

Andrew and Emily (Zalewski) Snyder

Goddaughter of

Madalyn and Beau Smith

Brynley Marie Kistler

Born April 21, 2016

Baptized July 10, 2016

Brynley is the Daughter of

Michael and Samantha (Parsons) Kistler

Goddaughter of

Brent and Angela Harris

Lillian Curie Catagnus

Born November 6, 2015

Baptized October 16, 2016

Lillian is the Daughter of

Earl J. and Rebecca Catagnus

Goddaughter of

Michael and Lisa Miller

Madison Leigh Green

Born March 31, 2014

Baptized June 22, 2014

Madison is the Daughter of

Arlin and Alicia (Oswald) Green

Goddaughter of

Merritt & Jeanine Jacob